22 September 2015

Interative & Data-driven Styles with Mapbox GL JS

tl;dr: Mapbox GL JS feels like the future of web maps, promising data-driven styles (e.g. a color scale) and interaction-driven styles (e.g. :hover). They’re still in the works as first-class features of the API, but it’s possible–through some mild workarounds–to make them work today. Examples with code below.

05 January 2015

Pending side projects and experiments

Recording some pending side project ideas or extremely early stage experiments here to keep track of them (and keep myself honest!).

  1. node_modules docs search: A simple server that indexes all the README’s in node_modules exposes them to a super fast search. Because I’m sick of waiting for github.com or npmjs.org on my crappy internet connection while travelling.
  2. melt-stream: The melt function from data analysis libraries (e.g. R’s “reshape”, Python’s pandas), but for node streams. More generally: I’d like to look into the state of data analysis modules on npm. It would be fun to port some of the essentials to Nodeland, and even more fun to be able to do heavy data analysis there.
  3. A better Appalachian Trail map, possibly with some simple trip-planning features. (Shapefiles available here.)
22 April 2014

WTF: position: fixed and z-index on Safari

Safari seems not to respect z-indexes until after browser window is resized. Open up this file in Safari 7.0.3 on OS X.

To investigate next: what else, besides browser resize, will force the z-index layering to be correct? Modifying the style of the relevant elements (either before scrolling up or after)? Any repaint (again, either before scrolling up or after)?